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Rigid Plastic

1. Antistatic Packaging Tubes
2. Conductive Packaging Tubes
3. Static Dissipative Packaging Tubes
4. Profile Extruded Products
5. Injection Pins

Customized designs as well as off-the-shelf items are available and available in various materials to suit your requirement.


Clear (PVC, PS, ABS, PC, PET-G)
Conductive (PVC, PS)
Static Dissipative (PVC)

Antistatic Packaging Tubes       
Conductive Packaging Tubes      
Static Dissipative Packaging Tubes  
Profile Extruded Products         
Injection Pins              
Soft Plastics
1. End Stoppers
2. Profile Extrusions

Extrusion stoppers and flexible profiles are available in various materials.


Thermoplastic Elastomer

End Stoppers 
Flexible Profiles 

Customized Profile Design

From part design to tool fabrication, our team of designers and engineers offer our customers a complete solution. We have invested in graphical modeling equipment as well as integrated tooling solutions to ensure the shortest turnaround times for our customers.

Using our advanced modeling capabilities, we can help you come up with the ultimate solution to your profile extrusion requirements. We will work with you to evaluate all possibilities before proceeding to tool fabrication to ensure the fastest and most problem-free implementation.

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