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These are some common questions and answers.
We hope that some of the information below will be helpful.

Q. What types of packaging tubes do you produce?

A. We produce antistatic, static disspative and conductive tubes.


Q. What are the Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) protective properties of each type of tube?

A. The surface resistivities of each type of tube is defined as follows:

Antistatic--108 to 1012 /
Static Dissipative--105 to 109 /
Conductive--1 to 105 /


Q. What are the differences between the different types of tubes?

A. Antistatic tubes are generally made of clear plastic and then treated with an antistatic agent to add the electrical properties to the tubes. Antistatic tubes can be made from PVC, Polystyrene (PS), Polycarbonate (PC), ABS or PET-G.

Static Dissipative tubes are black and opaque. This is due to the carbon particles that give it its electrical properties. Most static dissipative tubes have an additional window made from clear plastic to allow visual inspection of the components within the tubes. Currently, static dissipative tubes are made from PVC.

Conductive tubes are also black and opaque. Visually, it is not possible to differentiate static dissipative and conductive tubes. Most conductive tubes also have an additional clear window to facilitate the inspection of the components packed inside the tubes. Conductive tubes are also available only in PVC at the moment.


Q. What are the maximum and minimum sizes that you can produce?

A. We can produce tubes from 3 mm up to 150 mm. Lengths start from 30 mm.


Q. Can the tubes be printed with specific logos and wording?

A. Logos and wording can be printed on to tubes.


Q. Do you provide stoppers or pins together with the tubes?

A. Yes, we also produce stoppers and pins for use with the tubes that we produce.


Q. Do you only provide packaging products for electrical components?

A. No. Our products are generally profile extrusions. We can therefore produce any type of profile extrusions.


Q. Do you support overseas customers?

A. Yes, we have customers located in europe, the americas and asia.


Q. What is your minimum order quantity?

A. Our minimum order quantity is 5,000 tubes (based on tubes at approximately 500 mm) or 10,000 stoppers.


Q. What is your production lead time?

A. Our lead time, while highly dependent on demand, is about 10 working days, not including transit time.


Q. Do we welcome plant visits?

A. Yes. Please contact our sales staff to make the arrangements.


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